Ferrari’s potent new F8 Tributo makes SA debut

Johannesburg – Ferrari’s a lot of powerful V8 supercar to date, made its main launching today, at a unique personal sneak peek hosted by main importer Scuderia South Africa.

The F8 Tributo changes the 488 GTB, taking pride in location as “the greatest expression of the Prancing Horse’s timeless two-seater berlinetta.

“It is an automobile with distinct attributes and, as its name indicates, is a tribute to the most effective V8 in Ferrari history,” Ferrari stated.

“It makes the thrilling efficiency of the very best 8-cylinder on the planet available to all chauffeurs, with extraordinary handling and exceptional flight convenience.”

Talking engine power, the F8 Tributo is inspired by a 3902cc turbocharged V8 that produces 530kW at a shouting 8000rpm and 770Nm from the 3250rpm mark. The supercar will rush from 100km/h in simply 2.9 seconds, states Ferrari, with 200km/h turning up in 7.8 seconds and the leading speed is estimated at 340km/h.

However the F8 is not just considerably more powerful than the 488 (having actually gotten 37kW), however, it’s likewise stated to be 40kg lighter and 10 percent more aerodynamic.

Keeping it as sharp as possible through the twisties is the latest-generation Side Slip Angle Control system, in addition to the Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer, triggered in ‘Race’ mode.

The F8 likewise includes advanced aerodynamic systems, which originated from the business’s motor racing makes use of – which require no intro.

You’ll likewise observe that it looks rather various to the Ferraris that have actually come prior to it – this is since it’s the very first to include a brand-new style language that will likewise be seen on other future designs.

“Designed by the Ferrari Styling Centre, the F8 Tributo is basically a bridge to a brand-new style language that will continue to highlight Ferrari’s crucial attributes of high efficiency and severe aerodynamic performance,” Ferrari stated.

“In reality, the F8 Tributo is the most aerodynamically effective series-production mid-rear-engined berlinetta ever created.”

The cabin has actually gone through a comparable advancement and includes Ferrari’s new-generation Human Machine Interface, which is run through a 17.8 cm touch-screen.

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