How the ultra-rich are turning their supercars into marble

Use of million-dollar ‘covers’, consisting of gold and Swarovski crystals, have actually been popular methods for rich people to personalize their unique automobiles for several years– however not any more.

London’s supercar season remains at full speed as Middle East-registered unique lorries worth countless dollars continue to capture the eye in the city streets. To guarantee their super-luxury automobiles stand apart from the crowd– and end up being web experiences– lots of ultra-rich automobile lovers enjoy to invest substantial amounts on customization.

Wrapping cars in gold or Swarovski crystals have actually been popular alternatives for several years. Nevertheless, a brand-new pattern has actually been found this year: marble-wrap. This brand-new trend includes covering high-end automobiles in a vinyl covering that appears like white marble.

Recently, a picture went viral on the web revealing a Ferrari 812 Superfast and Bentley Bentayga SUV parked together, with both of the ultra-expensive devices curtained in a stone-styled vinyl wrap.

According to Fox News, the 812 Superfast and the Bentley Bentayga were found in the upmarket London district of Mayfair. Both high-end vehicles are sporting Saudi Arabian number plates.

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